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Harry K has been in the entertainment industry most of his life, performing with his band 'Harry & The Grecian Kings' in the Greek sector of the UK and Europe. They were considered the best entertainment showband for the Greek market between 70s-90s. Their demand was such, that their bookings stretched ahead up to 3 years in advance.

Harry built his own recording studio during that time, due to being unhappy with the 'bouzouki' sound he got from other London studios he visited, as they just couldn't get that 'Greek sound.' That was the beginning of his songwriting career.

Harry K went on to write and produce numerous top ten hits for the biggest stars in Greece, achieving Gold and Platinum record status.

Harry also had the pleasure and priviledge to work with International and UK stars including Placido Domingo, Latoya Jackson, Brigitte Nielsen to mention but a few.

Music videos and corporate advertising for Social media, TV and Radio are also among other projects Harry has been involved in. More recently, Harry has been asked to write and produce music for films and documentaries coming out of Hollywood, this is a work-in-progress, and an exciting new angle to add to Harry K's vast experience .


Some of Harry K's releases


Other services offered by Harry K and his team of highly trained professionals.

The power of video marketing is undeniable. Using Social Media for promotion has changed the game, it is effective, global and cost effective. Harry K can make professional video promo ads to market you, your company, your services.
Whether you want a simple professional voice-over or a fully blow production singing your slogan to promote you or your company/product, Harry K can provide you with the right jingle you can play anywhere and at prices to suit your budget.
There is no doubt that 'a picture paints a thousand words' and a video presentation along with your music is the most powerful way to make your mark, Harry K and his team can make you a professional music video to compliment and promote your song. Always high quality and professional.



Harry K can write and produce in many different styles and genres, these are some examples of his work.
Yoga/Relaxation/Meditation music.


These are some environmental projects that Harry K has been working on, which have cause quite a stir among young children around the world.
Many have used Harry's songs in their school environmantal projects and theatre presentations in their fight for the environment.

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